Change to Communion Distribution – Effective January 30th and 31st

January 27, 2021

Dear Lectors, Commentators and Eucharistic Ministers,

We are making a change starting the weekend of January 30 th and 31st . We will be using 4 people on the altar to distribute Communion. Usually, Father and Deacon Tom will be the two at the foot of the altar, and we will now be using one on the choir side and one on the Lectern side. We will still be distributing the Eucharist outside, and if people begin coming back to Mass in larger numbers, we may even need a 5 th EM to serve in the lower level for those watching on the big screen down there. The March schedule has only three ministers listed, so please be aware that when Deacon Tom is not at Mass, we will need 4or possibly 5 Ems to step up.

If you have not been serving during the pandemic, PLEASE consider returning to ‘active duty’. I think that it says much for our parish efforts of trying to keep the church clean and safe that we have not had any outbreaks of COVID19 related to Mass attendance at St. Benedict. (Thank you cleaning crews!) Please call Sallie at 248 732-7113 to put your name back on the active list. If you have any questions, please see Connie, Teresa or Sallie at Mass. Thank you for your commitment and faithfulness.

Sallie Bishop